Troubleshooting Blender Octane

Troubleshooting Blender Octane - How to Set Up Octane

Installation & Initial Setup If you're new to Octane Render for Blender, this video is the perfect place to start! In this tutorial, we'll cover everything you need to know to get up and running with Octane, including...

AP Octane 2.0 – Commercial There are many helpful shortcuts for commonly used render settings, passes, links to videos and documentation, Vectron™ Objects, Scatter on Surface Object, Displacement examples and more.  Some of the new features from V1 include: Scatter on...

TStudio Shader ball Blender NEW shader ball 4.0 scene. Changes include new models of geometry and some UV tiling on existing models. Enjoy ! Scene was updated in Blender R2.92.0. This is a Shader ball scene for BLENDER + OCTANE...

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