toon shading in blender using octane renderer

In this step-by-step guide, we'll start by setting up our scene and import a 3D model that's perfect for cell shading. We'll then explore the key features of Octane Renderer, including how to adjust...

Subsurface Scattering Skin Shader in Blender Octane plugin Tutorial

How to shade a 3D Head scan in blender octane plugin with subsurface scattering. Please subscribe if you want more tutorials.

Emission Material | Blender & Octane Tutorial

Emission Material in Blender Octane

Worn Edges Material | Blender & Octane Tutorial

Worn Edges in Blender Octane

FAST TUT: Using Decals in Octane for Blender

On this Fast Tutorial I'll show you several ways to add decals for Octane in Blender. This is a great way to add some extra details while leaving the base materials and textures intact...

Subsurface Scattering Material | Blender and Octane

Blender Octane Render Tutorial | Subsurface Scattering SSS Skin Material

Blender Octane Render Tutorial | SSS Skin Material

Blender Octane Render Tutorial | Subsurface Scattering SSS Skin Material

Octane Materials – Subsurface Scattering

In this video, I will explain how the subsurface scattering works.

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