Styrofoam Octane Blender

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Octane Scratch Paint Shader

Download Link: FREE Octane Blender Scratch Paint Material Walkthrough 🔴🔴 Struggling to learn blender octane 🔴🔴 Fast track you're learning in our premium community. "Material ball in 3D-Coat" ( by 3d-coat is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution...

Octane Glitter Material

Patrick Levar

Octane Blender Mix Color Shader

Blender Octane Plastic Material

🔴FREE Plastic Material HERE 👇👇👇

FREE Rotary Cutting Mat Material 

🔴FREE Rotary Cutting Mat Material 👇👇👇

AP Octane 2.0 – Commercial There are many helpful shortcuts for commonly used render settings, passes, links to videos and documentation, Vectron™ Objects, Scatter on Surface Object, Displacement examples and more.  Some of the new features from V1 include: Scatter on...

TStudio Shader ball Blender NEW shader ball 4.0 scene. Changes include new models of geometry and some UV tiling on existing models. Enjoy ! Scene was updated in Blender R2.92.0. This is a Shader ball scene for BLENDER + OCTANE...

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Styrofoam Octane Blender

Octane Glitter Material

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