Blender Octane Render Tutorial | Denoise Shadow Pass

Blender Octane Render Tutorial | Denoise Shadow Pass I get questions on how to output a denoise shadow pass in Blender Octane. Unfortunately, this pass is not supported as an output option in Octane...

How to Create Random Colors in Octane Blender

Let's make some random colors in Blender Octane thanks for watching, always keep in mind that the things that we say affect other

Render FASTER in Octane Blender Render Settings

Render FASTER in Octane Blender Render Settings

Tutorial – Render Selection in Blender Octane

In this video, I show you how to use the Render Selection in Blender Octane.

Tutorial – The New Photon Tracing in Blender Octane

Hi, guys! In this video I show you how the new Photon Tracing works.

FAST TUTS: Filtering Rays in Octane for Blender

How to filter light rays in OTOY's Octane for Blender to create effects like a shadow catcher (inspired by the work of Damon Belanger) or the classic visual effect to having a VERY reflection...

FAST TUT: Rendering a WIREFRAME in Octane for Blender

In this Fast Tut I'll show you a couple of ways to create a wireframe material in Octane for Blender. It gives the meshes a really particular look that you can take from a...

Create Stunning Displacement Texture Maps in Blender 2.8 w/ Lino Grandi | NVIDIA Studio Sessions

Blender 2.8 - Learn how to create stunning displacement texture maps with 3D Artist Lino Grandi in this Studio Session.

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