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Introduction to Octane for Blender

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Octane Scratch Paint Shader

Download Link: https://polygonewithme.gumroad.com/l/qegzo?layout=profile FREE Octane Blender Scratch Paint Material Walkthrough https://youtu.be/uEURSGGkC_s 🔴🔴 Struggling to learn blender octane 🔴🔴 Fast track you're learning in our premium community. https://www.skool.com/blender-3d-6826/about "Material ball in...

Octane Blender Mix Color Shader


Troubleshooting Blender Octane

Troubleshooting Blender Octane - How to Set Up Octane

Installation & Initial Setup

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfrdu1OYHN4&t=32s&ab_channel=JaredBrashier If you're new to Octane Render for Blender, this video is the perfect place to start! In this tutorial, we'll cover everything you need...