Octane Glitter Material

Patrick Levar

Octane Blender Mix Color Shader

Blender Octane Plastic Material

🔴FREE Plastic Material HERE 👇👇👇

Blender Octane – Greyscalegorilla Material Importer

Blender Octane - Greyscalegorilla Material Importer If have a greyscalegorilla account, you'll find that they have a Blender plugin to help import their PBR Materials. This video will quickly go over downloading their Blender...

Octane for Blender Add-On // AP Octane

Get all of my add-ons, including AP Octane, at In this video, I'll show you the basics of my add-on, AP Octane. This add-on helps get started with Octane for Blender and puts...

LIGHT MIX feature Blender+Octane

Wouldn’t be great if you can totaly change your lighting in the post process? I mean, your render is finished, looks great as always, but you would like to play a bit more with...

Free Grass _ Blender Octane Plugin

Grab these 42 Free Grass assets for Blender Octane Plugin.

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