Procedural Material Transition in Octane for Blender: Create Stunning Product Motion Graphics!

"Learn the art of Procedural Material Transitions in Octane for Blender with this step-by-step tutorial! Elevate your product motion graphics to the next level as I guide you through creating stunning material changes effortlessly....

Tutorial – The New Photon Tracing in Blender Octane

Hi, guys! In this video I show you how the new Photon Tracing works.

FAST TUTS: Filtering Rays in Octane for Blender

How to filter light rays in OTOY's Octane for Blender to create effects like a shadow catcher (inspired by the work of Damon Belanger) or the classic visual effect to having a VERY reflection...

FAST TUT: Rendering a WIREFRAME in Octane for Blender

In this Fast Tut I'll show you a couple of ways to create a wireframe material in Octane for Blender. It gives the meshes a really particular look that you can take from a...

Create Stunning Displacement Texture Maps in Blender 2.8 w/ Lino Grandi | NVIDIA Studio Sessions

Blender 2.8 - Learn how to create stunning displacement texture maps with 3D Artist Lino Grandi in this Studio Session.

Blender and Octane Light Linking Tutorial: Create Professional Renders with Precision

Welcome to my YouTube tutorial on Blender and Octane Light Linking! Join me as I dive deep into the world of professional rendering with precision. In this short and personal tutorial, I'll guide you...

Boost Your CG Bottle Renders: Lighting Secrets with Blender and Octane

Boost your CG bottle renders with Blender and Octane! Discover lighting secrets to create stunning and photorealistic bottle scenes. From setup to ambiance, we'll cover light types, shadows, highlights, and reflections. Perfect for beginners...

Cryptomattes | Blender & Octane Tutorial

Setting up Crytpomattes in Blender Octane

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