Tutorial – AI Stable Diffusion in Blender Octane

In this video, I explain how to use the stable diffusion addon in Blender Octane.


Thanks for watching! I hope this video helped you out by creating some dope bloom effects! Feel Free to share this within the community discord server, Link is found below!

Tutorial – Octane for Blender KitBash3D Manhattan Kit Tutorial

In this video, Thomas covers Octane for Blender with the KitBash3D Manhattan Kit.

How I Make Detailed Ground Easily in Blender Octane | Blender Tutorial

A very short tutorial on how I make floor/ground in my renders. Like if you learned something new and tag me in your posts if you make something using this technique.

How I Made a Frito Twist in Blender Octane

Blender Octane "The Procedural Frito Twist" How I Did It!

Part 2: Create a Wet Road in Octane and Blender 2.8

Create a wet road in Octane and Blender 2.8. This will focus on applying image textures. Plus we will go over some cool settings for output and camera settings.

Beach Scene Tutorial (Blender Octane)

As requested, I've recorded a video explaining how I've created the beach scene in Blender Octane. I also explain a part of my workflow. I hope you enjoy it.

Tutorial – Creating an Exterior Scene in Blender Octane – Part2

Hi, guys. Here is the second part of the exterior scene I've made in Blender Octane. I hope you like it! Also, we're still giving a discount of our course. I will be glad...

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