Octane for Blender // Volumetric Spotlight with Octane Proxy!

Get AP Octane 2.0! https://lightsailvr.com/tools In this video, I'll show you how to use the Octane proxy node to set up a Volumetric Spotlight. Thanks to Wolf from the Octane Discord for showing me...

Embergen VDB in Blender Octane

How to import VDB assets in Blender Octane plugin. Check my Artstation for more blender octane fun : www.artstation.com/pierresantamaria

Import EmberGen VDB files in Octane for Blender w/ Lino Grandi | NVIDIA Studio Session

Arm yourself with the best method to import embergen VDB files in Octane for Blender with 3D artist Lino Grandi!

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